Techwood Con: Atlanta's Gaming Convention
Venue and dates for next event to be announced
This is the home of Techwood Con, the annual gathering of gamers in the metro Atlanta and surrounding area for fun and networking. We are a small but growing convention of enthusiastic gamers who enjoy the chance to meet new like-minded players in the area. Most major genres of gaming are represented, including board gaming, card gaming, video gaming, role-playing, even LARP.
Techwood Con 2006 was held in the Marriott Century Center in Atlanta in February. Everyone had an awesome time and we would like to thank everyone who participated, whether as paying attendees or as staff. It was certainly a pleasure to throw a party for such a great group of people.
Now comes the task of planning for the next event. A number of changes are coming, though not all of them have been finalized yet. First priorities are to nail down a venue and date for the next event, and after that the real fun begins! We know we can throw a great party ('we' being management, staff, reps, dealers, and of course the congoers!), and now we want to see what improvements we can make to produce a unique, engaging and compelling experience for gamers in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.
For now, the site still features information for our 2006 event that has just passed. Many of the same faces and much of the same activity will recur for the next event and we will update the site as things develop. For the latest information please check our forum often - link at right. And please post your ideas for how we can improve the gamer experience at Techwood Con!

Techwood Con